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Recently, I was called by the local pharmacist to change an insulin prescription to something more affordable for a patient. The pharmacist and I went through the types of available insulin and the cheapest insulin was $300 a month!! Let me repeat…The CHEAPEST was $300 a month. THE CHEAPEST!!! I almost dropped the phone. I couldn’t believe it. How can people afford to pay for medicines??

The question I force myself to ask is why don’t more people do something, ANYTHING, to prevent becoming chronically ill with a preventable disease?
If it costs that much to be sick… why BE sick?? I would think this country would be obsessed with a healthy lifestyle just to save money… if for no other reason.
And yet it’s almost the opposite.
It leaves me scratching my head.
Anyway… I’m on my way to the gym to work out (what little I can do)

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