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Day 215 August 4, 2011

Weight Loss Reward #1:
Reference: Fitbie.com

Take a Healthy Cooking Class
I found a website called http://www.cheftubetv.com/. It features cooks and chefs who have cooking videos like YouTube.
When you lose weight you can take a “online class” or go to your local cooking class.


Day 214 August 3, 2011

Today I want to leave you with a pep talk. My pep talk is about confidence and self- belief.

There are times when we become less sure of ourselves. We may lose our job, finances or a valued relationship. We may choose to feel sorry for ourself and engage in self-defeating thoughts and/or behavior.

Resist that temptation; it won’t solve the problem and it could worsen the situation.

Give your permission to take a breath, refocus and reframe your choices around what you really want to do.


Day 213 August 2, 2011

What can I say… I ate the cupcakes.

I feel bad about it because instead of moving towards my goal, I moved away from it.

The teaching point is to learn from this and to continue to move toward my goal. I’ll brush the dirt off my shoulder and keep it moving.


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