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Day 59 February 28, 2011

I’m doing some housekeeping. I’m getting rid of situations and headaches that are weighing me down. Some relationships are not worth your time. I feel that my expectations are inconsistent with the reality of the situation and that incongruity causes me great stress and overeating. so I need to get rid of those relationships or come into alignment with the reality and not the “hope”.

It’s hard to give up your hope, it’s like a death in a way. So I’ll have to bury my hopes for some relationships. I’ll keep you posted.


Day 58 February 27, 2011

I forgot to give you my measurements and weight as a “before” but as crazy as it seems I’m still not ready to post it. I can’t find the pictures. I’ve been working to create my plan to lose my weight in 100 days. I’m still trying to figure how much weight I can lose, safely, in 100 days. Anyway, know that the picture and the weight loss plan is coming-soon.


Day 57 February 26, 2011

I’m learning to keep trying. I find sometimes it’s easy to say keep your chin up when everything is going well. It’s much more difficult to stay cheerful when you’re going through it.

I think I feel that I can be cheerful but somewhere along the line it gets tough and the smile drops as the work gets more demanding and I get more fatigued. In my mind I know I need to smile and be cheerful but it’s taking all I have just to do the work.

But I’m learning that I must keep trying.


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