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Day 4 January 4, 2011

In order for my weight loss to be successful, I’m realizing certain areas need to be clear. One is the belief in myself and another area is my preparation. In my past, I’ve found that I wasn’t prepared and when the hunger came, I was too vulnerable to fight and eat healthy. I just wanted to eat. Usually I ate what someone handed me out a drive through window.

My breakfast preparation is getting easier. I like the oatmeal for breakfast idea because it’s quick and I can add a few changes here and there. Today I put granola on the oatmeal. I’ve read that granola is not the healthiest cereal but I’m only adding a little bit to the oatmeal. I used one-third of a cup of dry oatmeal and after following the package directions, I add the granola.

Prayer: Thank you God for helping me learn tips and strategies to lose weight and stay focused.


Day 3 January 3, 2011: Strategies

Last night I thought I needed some basic strategies to help me along as I lose weight. (You noticed I’m not saying hoping to lose, I’m declaring that I will lose the weight).

I found some information on ways to cut 500 calories. It seems straight forward and it doesn’t feel like I’ll struggle with the new eating changes. I hope you will visit it and use some of their suggestions.

The link is .

I will be using smaller plates, eating breakfast on the regular (today I had a grapefruit; later I’ll have a mini bowl of oatmeal), chew more slowly before I swallow and exercise or stretch each day. Right now I’m still stretching; not yet doing full- fledged exercise routines.

What’s exciting for me is that I’m usually about to quit or struggling with the idea of quitting. But now, I’m just formulating a success plan; getting my ducks in a row.

Prayer: God, walk with me, keep me strong and focused.


Day 2 January 2, 2011

Today is a brand new day and as much concern as I had yesterday about my abilities and fears, today I recognize that I create my own reality. If I create negative thought energy, then that negativity will manifest. It’s important for me to understand that principle. It is a principle I have not always practiced and I don’t want to repeat that mistake this time.

I want to see success and I want to surround myself with success thoughts and visualizations. I need to start saying to myself, “I can do this and I will do this”. That is my goal today-to create positive thoughts, visualization and actions.

My daily routine will include exercises or stretching, and healthy, moderate eating. No extremes with any of this plan-just moderation.

So today, I will stretch my body, no killer exercise routines; I will start my healthy eating change by eating breakfast (which will be a new change) and I will continue my positive thinking. That’s it- it’s day2 and I’m still committed. Good for me.

Prayer: God thank you for showing me that my thoughts create my reality and thank you for always listening.

P.S. I’m having plain oatmeal for breakfast.


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