The Power of Conquering Fear

When I think about making mistakes it frightens me. There is so much emotional pain and embarrassment associated with the entire process of trying something new and failing. There are times when I don’t even want to try. But then I think what happens if I decide not to try?? I’ll never grow Even as the world grows and adapts I will just disappear because I haven’t changed or evolved. I’m not sure what is more scary—not growing or trying to grow and failing??

When I think more rationally like the scientist that I am, I understand that growing through trial and error is a process. Even in nature it’s a process with both hits and misses. Haven’t you ever seen something in nature that makes you think, this must be a mistake? If trying and failing is ok in nature, it should be ok with me?? The process of try, try again makes sense and should encourage me because hey, if things don’t work out the first time just try it again until you get it right.

How many of us can honestly say we can control our emotions and think rationally when we are headed in a new uncharted direction?? EMOTIONS RULE!! You know it and I know it. So now what do we do??

According to Myles Miller in his article Conquering Fear1 because fear is an emotion usual set in the formative years it takes boldness to break the bondage of fear and create a new healthier outlook. He outlines five steps to overcoming fear. They are listed below.

  • Become “ignorant” to fear
  • Don’t let fear have time to think
  • Always speak faith and belief
  • Create and maintain a positive outlook of yourself
  • Continue to execute the thing(s) that you fear until fear disappears

In essence fear is a habit that can be broken just like any other habit. It only takes an understanding of how to break the habit as well as the thoughts and actions that keep you in bondage.  Some examples of new habits would be to stop listening to negative people or to not participate in their fear talk, change the channel when the news becomes too negative, do something positive that start a faith habit instead of a fear habit.

In closing let me leave you with this quote from Brian Tracy, “you must do the thing that you fear until the fear of that thing becomes no more.” As you face your fear and take action to conquer your fear your confidence will grow you can become bolder in the goals that you set for yourself.

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