Day 29 January 29, 2011


I overheard a conversation that I thought was powerful. I was working at the hospital the other day and two doctors were talking about another doctor they knew. This doctor had a son that had a major medical problem and was having trouble getting the appropriate medical care. He also wanted the insurance company to cover the expensive medicine. This doctor, they said, was calling the chief medical officer and CEOs of his insurance company to get his son the care he needed. The doctors said he even threatened to go to the press to complain about his perceived injustice.
At the end of the conversation, they both agreed that prevention is the best medicine. I was listening to their conversation and I wanted to chime in and say “amen” but I didn’t want to disturb them.
It is so important to take care of yourself. You know, we have very few cures out there. At best we (doctors) can prescribe but that may be too expensive or not available in some cases. As you go about your day look at the people who are abusing their health. Take note of the smokers and the overweight- just to get an idea of how pervasive the problem is.
Start with yourself first. Be your best example of the health you want to have.
Prayer: God, You know this life is tough and filled with challenges. Help me to stay clear and focused through the storms. Help me to stay balanced so that I can have my best health.

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