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Day 2 January 2, 2011

Today is a brand new day and as much concern as I had yesterday about my abilities and fears, today I recognize that I create my own reality. If I create negative thought energy, then that negativity will manifest. It’s important for me to understand that principle. It is a principle I have not always practiced and I don’t want to repeat that mistake this time.

I want to see success and I want to surround myself with success thoughts and visualizations. I need to start saying to myself, “I can do this and I will do this”. That is my goal today-to create positive thoughts, visualization and actions.

My daily routine will include exercises or stretching, and healthy, moderate eating. No extremes with any of this plan-just moderation.

So today, I will stretch my body, no killer exercise routines; I will start my healthy eating change by eating breakfast (which will be a new change) and I will continue my positive thinking. That’s it- it’s day2 and I’m still committed. Good for me.

Prayer: God thank you for showing me that my thoughts create my reality and thank you for always listening.

P.S. I’m having plain oatmeal for breakfast.


Day 1 January 1, 2011

Today is the first day of the year and I’m scared because I want this weight loss to be successful. I want to be able to face my fears and have the discipline and focus to accomplish this goal like I have other goals in my life and career. I’m still not sure why I’ve struggled and that’s part of what scares me. It’s like an unknown entity that is a part of me that comes out when I’m most vulnerable and knocks me down. In the past it’s taken me time to get back on my feet and try again.

I don’t want to waste more time and I know that this weight loss is possible. Just look at other people who have done what I’m trying to do, are they smarter, stronger? No they had a plan and stuck with it. That’s my theory at least.

Ten days—I have committed to myself to stay focused and committed for the duration. But 10 day chunks, that’s my short term goal. Today is day one.

Prayer: God, help me get through today.


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