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Day 126 May 7. 2011

If you want to increase your activity… get a dog!!!!  The dogs need to go out anyway so look for ways to work out too.

 Do run/walks with your dog, or if you have the conditioning, run a mile or two with your dog.


Day 125 May 6, 2011

This is the USDA’s new food icon, My Plate. The food pyramid is no more and this icon will serve as a reminder of the new 2010 dietary guidelines.

 A quick summary of the icon is to make half your plate fruits and vegetables and to include whole grains as well as lean proteins.


Day 124 May 5, 2011

Health Fact

Did you know that nearly one- third of American children are either overweight or obese???  According to Lets Move! There is an expectation that diabetes and heart disease will also increase in a younger population as the obesity epidemic spirals out of control.



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