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Day 107 April 18,2011

The best part of a movie is when the star decides to stand and fight for the life he/she wants. It doesn’t matter if the movie is Rocky or Shawshank Redemption, I just love that part of the movie. The music swells and the emotion soars and I just melt.

There are chances for me to be a star in my own life; with my challenges. Do I rise up? Not always and I feel like shit when I don’t. My self-defeating talk lasts way too long for my own good. But when I do fight-even if I get knock out, I’m now learning to look at myself and say, “girl, I’m proud of you”.

I’m a star.


Day 106 April 17, 2011

There is a new study published that suggests online weight-loss support groups can be more effective in building confidence.

When study participants “met” in the virtual world they were more likely to be more physically active than those who met in real life.

Indiana University assistant professor, Jeanne Johnston states the participants were more likely to be consistent.


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