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Day 110 April 21, 2011

Senator Claire McCaskill (Missouri) is doing what I’m doing. She’s telling the world she wants to lose weight. She tweeted recently that she’s tired of being fat and she wants to do something about it.

Weight loss experts have encouraged us to tell supportive friends and family about our weight loss goals-it helps to keep us accountable.

Tell your supportive, nurturing friends and family of your weight loss and health goals-you will feel encouraged as you achieve your goal.


Day 109 April 20,2011

I am finding that losing weight and exercise is a job. Plain and simple. If I approach the weight loss like I approach preparing for work, I think I’ll be better off and more satisfied with my results.

 I have started to think about my weekly menu and preparing my meals without the impulse restaurant stop. I’m finding I’m less harried.

Here are some other tips:

1. Don’t skip meals

2. Stay hydrated- I carry a water bottle with me around the hospital.

3. Avoid fast food- make fast food the exception rather than the rule. The truth is most of us go for the fried goodies more than the salad. So make it a rare or occasional treat.


Day 108 April 19,2011

There was a recently published European study that suggestes that sleep deprivation and obesity are linked. I looked into the research more and found that the researchers admit sleep is complicated but they stress that sleep deprivation can reduce enegy and increase cortisol (stress hormone) and blood sugars, but they noted the study participants did not eat more calories.

Sometimes we like to look for excuses to our problems. Can’t blame lack of sleep-just balance your time better and fit exercise and smart eating habits in your schedule.


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