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Day 90 March 31, 2011

You know you can find inspiration at the oddest times. I was at the nurses station last night and the strangest thing happened. Two people who both smoked at one time were inspired to quit smoking because a patient who smoked cigarettes and had lung cancer was dying in the hospital. They were talking about how they didn’t want to share that fate.

They shook hands, made a pact to stop smoking the day the patient died gasping for air as he choked and drowned on his own blood.
Months later they were talking (this was last night) and the lady had stopped smoking but the guy hadn’t-yet. She was talking about how good it felt to breathe and exercise and how she hates the smell of cigarette smoke now. The guy was making excuses- I hear it’s hard to stop; my friend says the side effects of the medicine to help you stop smoking will give you nightmares, he says.

Then she dropped the bomb, my light at the end of the tunnel. She said “I’m 57 years old and I know some people think that’s old but it’s never to late to try and give yourself a chance at a better life. It’s never too late”. I was tearing up as she said this because I needed to hear that quiet motivation to keep trying.

I hope this story will help you to keep trying.


Day 89 March 30, 2011

Guess what I’m learning… well refreshing? My knowledge on the medical problems associated with obesity. There is a syndrome called metabolic syndrome and it consists of diabetes/or insulin resistance, cholesterol abnormalities having a large waist compared to your hips and some other variables.

If you have metabolic syndrome, when you eat a meal, you don’t process your food well. It’s like your body is getting mixed messages. One of the problems is that your body can’t handle the insulin that is produced and even though you have a lot of insulinnfloating around in your body, your body doesn’t know it’s there.

It sounds like the plot to a scary thriller movie. But this movie can only have a happy ending if you make some changes. Get up and exercise!!!!!


Day 88 March 29, 2011

I found an excellent 10 minute exercise routine on Exercise tv and tried to post it today but I had some technical difficulties. I’ll work on it and try to bring it to you soon.

I’m wearing ankle weights and it’s a good passive workout. My only problem is that the weights are bulky. I look like I’m under arrest when I walk.


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