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Day 84 March 25, 2011

I find myself fighting my temptations. I discussed this with my trainer. He said something simple. Just do it. If I want to lose the weight I have to do the things to lose the weight.

I have to exercise when and where I’m able. I have to pass up the food that is not in my best interest and I need to be consistent.

Sounds pretty simple huh?


Day 83 March 24, 2011

I am finding myself being much more positive. It’s like I’m catching myself being more mentally strong.

Last night a nurse tried to pull me into her pity party. I was silent as she waited for my response. She then said “I guess you didn’t hear me”. I jumped at that and said “I heard you I just have nothing to say to that”. She was dumbfounded.

I’m finding that there are obvious and subtle battles for your energy. Fight the good fight to stay positive and committed to your goals. You are worth the fight


Day 82 March 23, 2011

I’m typing my blogpost from my phone- Can you believe it!!
It’s amazing what technology can do.

I’m learning that you can exercise anywhere. Try doing jumping jacks or jump rope for a few minutes no matter where you are. You can sweat from it. Just a quick exercise tip.


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