Archive | March, 2011

Day 60 March 1, 2011

I realize that I attract con artists into my life. I seem somehow to love a man who will never love me back. It doesn’t matter that I give my heart, body, soul and money. He never truly loves me. And it hurts so much.

I’m not sure if they were legitimate when they entered my life, but they are on the take when they leave. I enable. I’m so desperate for the love that I enable. I realize now that I will probably be alone- that no one will love me for me. If someone is in my life it will be because I’m paying for them to be. And that sucks. It makes me so unhappy.

But I will not eat my feelings. I will not go down the over-eating road yet again. I am facing the truth, each day I will get stronger and I will live my life with my head held high like the survivor that I am.


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